For Patent Owners

You've spent valuable time and money creating critical innovations for the industry. Now, dozens of large industry operators are using your patented technology without your permission and aren't compensating you.

GenePool can help.


Helping Small Innovators Defend Their Patents Against Big Businesses

Securing a patent for your game-changing innovation may seem like a major milestone, but if you can't successfully defend it, it's almost worthless.

Unless you're a massive company with deep pockets, defending your IP on your own is almost impossible because the big guys will spend millions to out-lawyer you.

That's where we come in.

GenePool is a team of intellectual property experts, experienced legal minds, and industry veterans who have joined forces with one goal: to level the playing field for small patent owners.


Evaluate Your Patents

First, our team of IP experts research your patent(s) to determine their viability and the extent to which infringement exists. Based on what we find, we will outline the next steps.


Defend Your Patents

If we find patent(s) are a good fit, we add them to our portfolio. We then monitor the industry for infringement, and work to forge new licensing agreements with operators.


Monetize Your Patents

All licensing fees are then distributed to GenePool patent owners in a fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory way as per an agreed-upon royalty allocation formula.


Patents in the GenePool portfolio covering widely-used cannabis extraction methods.


Market share of widely-used patents GenePool represents in cannabis extraction.


Number of cannabis product manufacturers in the US using extraction equipment.


of all cannabis products sold were manufactured goods using extraction processes.

How It Works


Research, Validation, and Onboarding

When you connect with GenePool about your patent(s), our expert team performs detailed research to predict whether the courts will find the patent(s) to be valid during the IPR process, as well as whether we believe the patent is being widely infringed upon.

If we believe your patent(s) would be a good fit for GenePool, we enter into one of our standard agreements and add it to our ever-growing portfolio.

Infringement Monitoring and Defense

GenePool rigorously monitors the industry for potential infringement of any GenePool-protected patents.

We then attempt to establish relationships with industry operators who we believe are at risk of hostile litigation by unlawfully using patent-protected innovations.

Litigation is always a last resort option for GenePool, and we always attempt to forge operator-friendly licensing agreements before involving the courts.


Licensing and Royalty Distribution

When new licensing fees are generated through agreements GenePool forges with industry operators, these fees are then shared with the patent owners in a fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory fashion.

The sizes of fee allocations are determined by an allocation formula outlined in the initial licensing agreement(s) that a patent owner signs with GenePool.

Why Should Patent Owners Join GenePool?

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    Recognition. You've worked hard to help move this industry forward. Get credit for being the innovator you are, once and for all. You deserve it.

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    Protection. Don't let anyone else leverage your game-changing innovations without your permission, just because they have deep pockets.

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    Compensation. Large companies shouldn't be able to use your innovations to enrich themselves and their investors without giving you your fair share.

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    Join the Industry Leader. When it comes to leveling the playing field for small innovators, GenePool is the most proven and most accomplished option in the industry.


What Clients Are Saying...

Dan Leo, Owner of Insectergy LLC

I have been researching, inventing, and investing in the Cannabis sector for many years now and my inventions have benefits for almost every operator. Partnering with the GenePool team will only accelerate the reach of Insectergy’s foundational technology and grow the industry in positive directions.

Dan Leo
Owner, Insectergy LLC

As we build out Flor Americas’ Uruguay cannabis operations and ramp up cannabinoid extraction for the global supply chain...  Partnering with Gene Pool Technologies ensures our access to the most advanced extraction methodologies while we develop our own IP for cannabinoid manufacturing and product development.

Roy McFarland
Co-Founder and CEO, Flor Americas

Protect Your Innovations, and Safeguard Your Business

Whether you have a patent that needs protecting, or you want to legally use patent-protected innovations and limit your business's exposure to hostile patent litigation, let's talk.


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