Protecting the Innovators Moving Cannabis Forward

Patent protection that small innovators need. Patent licensing that operators of all sizes require.


Technological Advancements Have Catapulted Cannabis Into the Future

If the innovations that power any industry are not protected, innovators will stop contributing new technology - and the industry will stagnate.

GenePool partners with inventors who have worked long and hard to change the face of the industry to ensure their patents are defended, and they're compensated fairly when other companies use their inventions.

We Keep Industry Operators Safe from Hostile IP Litigation

For an industry to thrive, innovators and operators should have a symbiotic relationship. Without access to game-changing innovations, businesses cannot move forward.

GenePool strives to forge operator-friendly licensing agreements in tax-advantageous ways, protecting operators from hostile parties threatening to cripple their business.


How It Works


Initial Outreach, Patent Research, and Agreement

Inventors connect with GenePool about their patent(s). GenePool then performs detailed research, evaluating the patent's strength and the likelihood of infringement.

We then form an agreement with the patent owner and craft a licensing plan.


Patent Licensing Solicitation and Defense

GenePool adds the patent to our existing list of licensable patents available for existing GenePool licensees.

We then communicate with any industry operators who we believe will benefit from legally utilizing the patented innovation to help move their business forward and engage in non-exclusive licensing agreements with interested parties.

Litigation is always a last resort option for GenePool.


Technology Usage and Patent Royalty Distribution

Once an industry operator enters into a non-exclusive licensing agreement with GenePool, they are able to legally utilize those innovations within their business to help them provide better products to customers.

Any fees generated by patent licensure through GenePool are then shared with the patent owners in a fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory fashion by utilizing a previously agreed-upon allocation formula.

Protect Your Innovations And Your Business.

Whether you have a patent that needs protecting, or you want to legally use patented innovations and limit your business's exposure to hostile patent litigation, let's talk.

What Clients Are Saying...

Dan Leo, Owner of Insectergy LLC

I have been researching, inventing, and investing in the Cannabis sector for many years now and my inventions have benefits for almost every operator. Partnering with the GenePool team will only accelerate the reach of Insectergy’s foundational technology and grow the industry in positive directions.

Dan Leo
Owner, Insectergy LLC

As we build out Flor Americas’ Uruguay cannabis operations and ramp up cannabinoid extraction for the global supply chain...  Partnering with Gene Pool Technologies ensures our access to the most advanced extraction methodologies while we develop our own IP for cannabinoid manufacturing and product development.

Roy McFarland
Co-Founder and CEO, Flor Americas

Protect Your Innovations, and Safeguard Your Business

Whether you have a patent that needs protecting, or you want to legally use patent-protected innovations and limit your business's exposure to hostile patent litigation, let's talk.


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